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After we repaired the pool, we applied a wet sealer to bring out the color and protect the pavers.

Regularly maintains will insure longevity to your pavers. There are multiple reasons why you should want to seal your pavers. Here are a few: If you don’t seal your pavers they can become damage from the weather by erosion, weed growth, mold and mildew buildup, sun fading and don’t forget those pesky ants’. Ants love to take away the sand that go in between the crack of the pavers’ that lock them in place. Paver sealer will solidify the sand in the crack where those pesky ants’ can’t remove the sand. Paver sealer puts a water protection on the pavers which minimize mold growth and reduce weeds from trying to grow up between the bricks. Sealer also puts a protective film, preventing the penetration of oil, water and dirt.

You can get different finishes from sealing your pavers which are, Wet look, Color Boost, Natural Look IN, Clear Look EV

East Coast Pavers LLC. Was contracted to replace sunken pavers for a recently install pool deck. We discover that a hole was in multiple places around the drain and coping and the edge of the border. This usually happens when the ground settles or poor compaction is applied. See pictures for example.


Have you ever wonder why my pavers are sinking.
There’s multiple reasons why your beautiful pavers are sinking. Here are the most common reasons.
Water erosion: has under minded the base, (such as) from a gutter downspout or a broken water pipe or improper leveling.
Poor Preparation: There are a lot of paver installers trying to cut cost and put a sand base down. Even with pools, were traffic is light you still need a strong pervious base!
Compaction: The soil must be compacted, (there is no exceptions), Not only your soil but your base also.
Unstable Ground: The soil freezes in winter causing the ground to expand and contract. Spring time comes the soil thaws out at a lower level causing the pavers to sink a little. There should be only a small difference in the level of the pavers.  This cannot be prevented. But East Coast Pavers LLC can repair with minimum cost.
Here is example from one of our customers.

Polymeric Sand is a great way to protect  your pavers  from weeds and ants. Polymeric Sand stays within joints better than any other sand, improves durability and provides stability to paved surfaces without staining stone products.

We replaced the base with a stronger  pervious base that we use on all our projects. called 89 rock, up to 4 to 6 inches.